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Building the SA VET market

Increasing training participation through access and choice

The South Australian Department for Innovation and Skills (DIS) is committed to building the state’s contestable vocational education and training (VET) market to deliver the skills industry and the workforce need.

We work in partnership with Nominated Training Organisations (NTOs) across the sector to increase training participation through access and choice.

In developing the market, we are focused on:

  • more training in more locations.
  • investing in quality, capacity and capability.
  • developing market diversity and depth.
  • fostering sustainable growth.
  • maintaining stability and supporting value for money.

Through our regular NTO Information Sessions, we share strategic market insights into the South Australian VET market including trends, purchase priorities and key directions with business managers and decision makers to provide insights into market data and highlight delivery opportunities.

For Frequently Asked Questions, view VET Commissioning FAQs.

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