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Academic Pass 70 Approved Units of Competency

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Assessment of unit of competency

The department's assessment of units against the Guiding Principles is in progress. When assessment of all units from a training package is complete, the result will be published here.

Training packages already assessed

  • CHC Community Services Training Package
  • HLT Health Training Package
  • SHB Hairdressing Training Package
  • AUR Automotive Training Package

Training packages being assessed

We're assessing the units from the following training packages:

  • EA Aeroskills Training Package
  • AHC Agriculture
  • Horticulture and Conservation
  • CPC Construction and Plumbing Services
  • FDF Food Processing
  • SIR Retail Services
  • SIS Sport
  • Fitness and Recreation
  • TLI Transport and Logistics
  • MEM Metal and Engineering
  • UEE Electrotechnology